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Your promotion is good, your target audience is good, you client likes the idea, but the problem is that the potential customer is receiving so many other advertising and marketing messages, they are blocking all of them out. How do you get them to STOP and notice yours?

Personalizing helps your message stand out from the crowd. Personalizing with Emotional Expressions gets them to stop and notice your message because it can create an emotional bond with them. Customers who receive an emotional Expressions message are more likely to show friends and co-workers, so your message reaches an even broader audience. Case studies have shown that response rates using Emotional Expression's technology have improved 20-30% over regular variable data printing.

Emotional Expression pictures can go as far as your imagination can take them. If our sets of pictures don't fit into your project we can design some for you or help you design your own. Tell us your idea and we can create it together.

Mailing services

  • Purchasing and scrubbing of mail lists to ensure accurate data and avoid wasted cost of duplicate or invalid addresses.
  • We run all required postal reports, including CASS certification to reduce your postage costs.
  • Proper labeling and bar coding to guarantee timely delivery.
  • We tray and deliver to our local Post Office to ensure proper handling and processing.
  • Utilize our mailing experience in the design of the piece to save money, even with rising postage rates.


    We’d like to work with you to begin your own personalized marketing campaign!

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    Client Feedback

    “Your personalized printing services helped raise the success of our direct mail campaigns by almost 10%. We’ve been selling more than ever!”